Run Together for the Same Objective
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Sustainable Earth Summit 2020
Webinar – La Protesi Inversa Chirurgica Robotica e Recupero Rapido 2020
The International Sports Injuries Conference 2019
Pattaya – Thailand 2019
IRC FUNVIC awarded in DUBAI at the 4th Global Pioneerism, Innovation and Excellence Conference 2018
Sport for Youth in Africa from local sport bases to Youth Olympic Games 2026
Tolerance in Sports and Sports Media 2020
Africa Diabets & Hypertension Association First Annual Conference 2019
1st Afrian Sport Development Forum 2019
National Olympic Committee of Albania 2018
Scientific collaboration agreement signed with FSSI for the prevention of muscle injuries
Tolerance in Sport & Sport Media Building Bridges of understanding and acceptance through sport
Prevention of indirect Muscle injuries in Sport, Sport integration